Wedding Footwear Online In India

5 Brands which sell the best wedding footwear in India!

Wedding is one of the most beautiful occasion in one’s life! Of course everyone wants to look fabulous on their wedding day and want to know about the best photographers, make-up artists, designers, wedding footwear brands and more!When I go married, I had as my go to guide for everything weddings! From finding bridal accessories stores and designers to wedding photographers and makeup artists, bridal wear trends, and so much more, you can in fact find everything you need for your wedding.

 I wanted to bring forward some amazing designers who are completely changing the wedding scenario in India courtesy their footwear!

Check out Top 5 brands for wedding footwear online in India!

*Needledust: Needless to say, this gorgeous footwear brand has been a favorite among the celebrities and would-be brides! From gorgeous beaded juttis ato breathtaking floral print, Needledust juttis should be a definite in a girl’s wardrobe! You can shop ghungroo jootis to quirky print juttis only on Needledust!

*Pastels & Pops: Hand embroidered work on jootis with beaded stones in rich jewel tones! Pastels & Pop stand true to their name! Their footwear is exquisitely crafted with the right amount of modern and bling! Perfect for the fashionista who prefer their champagne and footwear exquisite!


*Vanshika Ahuja: Jootis are love, but if you love everything ethnic and vibrant then why not throw in some tassled kolhapuri sandals too! Vanshika Ahuja label houses some of the most gorgeous wedding footwear a bride would definitely want in her wardrobe! They don’t disappoint when it keeps to keeping your lil one happy! Check out their juttis for kids as well!

*Sole Shoes:  I simply love, adore and WANT all the footwear of this brand because I love them! Gorgeous embroidered artwork in embroidered mules, jootis, sandals & heels! There instagram is extremely drool worthy and a must have in your wedding trousseau! Check them out and thank me later!

*Coral Haze: Subtle and elegant, coral haze juttis and gorgeous mules is perfect for the no fuzz bride! Choose from metallic plain jootis to fur sandals(Thing it’s trending, it’s definitely coral haze). You can also check out their men’s collection as well as their flats collection!

Trust me, once your list is sorted, you would be much at peace with your wedding preparations! Start shopping and stay calm! If you think I missed any brand, tell me in the comments below and I will add more brands!



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Ethnic wear from Bunaai by Pari Choudhary

Ethnic Wear from Bunaai

Dhoti Set in Yellow Bunaai

I am a crazy hoarder of ethnic wear and usually we find two main types in India: One is bling(which I personally dislike) & the other is  designer couture(which I love but cannot afford, But WAIT FOR IT), I found a third version which is contemporary, chic and so comfortable Ethnic wear that it’s difficult not to fall in love with the same!

I am online atleast 16 hours of my life and half the time(which, I must admit I am not proud of), goes into browsing other blogger’s profile, saving pins on Pinterest(Yeah, I am loser like that) or finding gems like the one I am going to talk about(WAIT FOR IT).


Bunaai By Pari Choudhary is a kickass website which has it’s roots in Jaipur. They have redefined ethnic wear! From dhoti pants to jumpsuits to culotte sets, they seem to have have cracked the code for beautiful ethnic wear! Handloom has a special corner in my heart and Bunaai seems to have managed to take a corner in it. They have new collections almost every week(I suppose) so you can try and buy whatever you like! I have personally ordered a few times and Never had a complain about it. They have Cash on delivery as well as wallet and bank pay options so it make s a win win for everyone.


This blog is very special to my heart because after a lot( and I mean A LOT) of procrastination, I have started to work more towards my blog. I did this beautiful shoot in a Zoo!(Believe it or not) and would this huge ruins which made the work all the more exciting! Here’s to a kickass 2018! Also please remember, believe in your self! PLEASE DO! You can do anything and everything if you put your heart and soul into it!


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15 Dazzling Makeup Tips For Diwali

Despite all the cleaning and shopping and prepping, you can look drop dead gorgeous this Diwali, effortlessly. Just follow these tips.



Diwali is an exciting festival. Even someone like me, who tends to dress conservatively the rest of the year, gets out her traditional clothes and the gorgeous jewellery. I even rummage through my barely-used makeup box and decide to look pretty.

Makeup is very important. The ideal makeup is what will set-off the look beautifully. In my years of trial and error I have arrived at some essential Diwali makeup tips that I want to share with you.

#1 Tone it down

My dress is usually heavy with a lot of embroidery and zari, so my makeup is simple. If your dress is light and airy, like chiffon in soft colours, you can go all out with your makeup.

#2 And then tone it up

Start with a clean washed face. My skin loves Olay. It cleanses without that icky, stretched out feeling. And then apply a good quality toner to keep the makeup on for long.

#3 Blend it like…

Not Beckham, of course. Wonder if he uses foundation for his photo shoots. Hmmm.

You need to choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Also, avoid foundations with SPF. A lot of the pictures will be taken at night and the flash will make you look ‘ghostly’.

#4 What are you concealing?

We are all perfect in our own special way. But if you have a dark spot or two you can dab a skin-colored concealer to cover it. Use your fingers and not a brush to do the job properly.

#4 Keeping your eye makeup light

Use an eyeliner to draw a line on your upper eyelid. A dash of mascara and maybe kohl of the same colour as your dress.

But if you want to dazzle with your eyes…

#5 Pick bold colours

Choose contrasting colours like electric blue, green, purple, black or grey. These colours will make your eyes pop and grab people’s attention. You can even check out these makeup for Diwali looks that will help you in choosing the look in accordance to a day or night party.


#6 Eyeshadow:

Some eye shadow shades looks nice in the case, but often don’t deliver the same result. Use a damp finger to pick up more colour and then pack it onto your upper eyelid.

#7 Highlights, anyone?

Increase the glitter quotient by choosing shimmering colours. If it’s your first time, try pearly colours. If you want to go all the way, golden or silver looks stunning too!

#8 Curl those lashes

Curl your eyelashes or even attach false ones to make your eyes look big and beautiful.

#9 Don’t forget the eyebrow

Don’t thread your eyebrow too thinly before Diwali. Heavier eyebrow can really make a big difference.

#10 How kissable is your pout?

If you’ve gone with light makeup, a dark lipstick shade contrasts beautifully. And for bold makeup, nudes look gorgeous.

#11 Making the lipstick last

Diwali means gorging on sweets. How do you make your lipstick last? Set it with powder. Apply it directly on the lipstick or cover your lips with tissue paper and lightly dab some powder.

#12 Bronzing

Foundation tends to sometime flatten the face. You can use an uplifting bronzer to get a glow.

#13 Dazzle them with your jewellery

No Diwali makeup is complete without jewellery. Contrast your jewellery to your makeup to look ravishing.

#14 Hair and there

Short haired girls can skip this step. For longer hair, you can leave it open or create a stylish Diwali hairdo.

#15 Setting your makeup:

The last step before you head out is to spray some spring water or gulab jal to keep your makeup in place.

And you are ready for Diwali. Happy holidays!

Find more makeup tips and easy lifestyle hacks at



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How to take care of skin at home this Festive season with VLCC Facial kit

Best Facial Kit For Your skin

VLCC Haldi Tulsi Facial Kit Review

Diwali is just around the corner and so is the need to look fabulous for the upcoming Diwali Parties. Making your skin look healthy and naturally beautiful takes a lot of efforts and while a trip to the parlor will make your budget go haywire, I have a perfect solution to get an amazing glow with The VLCC’S Haldi and Tulsi Facial Kit.

This ayurvedic kit which provides an #instantglow is a showstopper product. In simple 5 steps, you get beautiful and youthful skin and that too in budget. The natural healer haldi(turmeric) and the herb Tulsi are the main ingredients which constitute the product.

It comes in a box with 5 tubes with each step clearly mentioned. I love how the tubes are pocket-friendly and therefore helpful if you are traveling somewhere. Here is a detailed review of the product:

Clean your face with the turmeric + tulsi face wash. You need a coin size amount to wash off all the dirt and grime from your face. The facewash made my skin squeaky clean but it was also a burning a little bit, considering it had turmeric as one of the ingredients. It was then time to Scrub away the dead cells plaguing my skin! After washing my face, I applied the scrub on my wet face. I really liked this scrub because it was not very harsh against my skin. After rubbing gently for some time, I washed my face. The small granules rubbed away dead skin and I was already loving the result and couldn’t wait for what’s next!


After washing my face and scrubbing the dirt, we had to apply a face gel! The best part about the face gel was it acted like a serum and definitely helped calm down my skin in cases of any bumps and rashes. This was definitely my favorite step as the gel really made my skin glow! We all know how important it is to massage your skin so that the facial tissues radiate the glow of the above steps. I took a good amount of the cream and massaged it on my neck and face for 5 mins. After it was completely absorbed into my skin, I took a cotton and wiped off the extra cream on my neck. By this time, I am really excited as my face is already glowing! And it’s baby soft! The last step of the series is this mask which, to be honest, irritates for like 10 seconds! I thought I would wipe off the mask, but after 15 seconds it took a cooling turn! I kept the mask for a good 20 minutes after which I washed it off!

Honestly, this was one of the quickest facial I had and the result was extraordinary. If you are suffering from combination skin like I am, make sure you give this a go for the perfect #InstaGlow from #VLCCAyurvedaFacialKit





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DIY Rose Masks For Clear Skin

5 Easy Rose Masks For Clear Skin

 A rose is typically associated with all things romantic. In fact, we believe that a rose holds the power to make any one’s day brighter and much more colorful. Start using rose petals in your beauty regime and fall in love with your own skin every single day!

We know how difficult it is to have healthy, rosy skin in this tropical Indian weather. And perhaps, that is why God decided to give us this wonderful flower on earth as a solution to most of our skin problems. Not only is their fragrance the loveliest, rose petals face pack will do wonders for your complexion. Here are some of the benefits of a rose face pack for your skin.

  1. Soothes dry skin
  2. Clears acne
  3. Hydrates skin from within
  4. Reduces skin irritation
  5. Evens out your skin tone

Roses are red, violets are blue, forget about the violets, focus on what a rose can do!
Ahem! Horrendous poetry aside, we would love to share with you some of our super-secret DIY skin recipes for a rose petal mask.

  1. For Healthy, Nourished Skin:
  2. You will need around 10 petals of a rose, 2 tbsp. of milk, 1 tbsp. of honey and 2 tbsp. of oat flour
  3. Chuck all of it in a blender to make a paste
  • Give your face a proper rinse before applying the mask with Olay as it works best with dry skin
  1. Apply the rose face mask and leave it for half an hour or until it is totally dry
  2. Wash your face off with lukewarm water. Your skin will feel a lot more hydrated than before


  1. Clear That Pesky Acne:
  2. You’ll need the powder of at least 10 rose petals, a tbsp. of powdered sandalwood along with 1 tbsp. of lemon juice
  3. Mix all the ingredients to get a paste
  • Apply this rose powder face mask and leave it for 20 minutes
  1. Rinse your face well with water
  2. Regular use will help diminish those pimples and exterminate the problem in no time

Sandalwood is also an amazing ingredient for our skin and has been a staple in our grandma’s beauty regime. There are numerous ways to use sandalwood powder for face; face packs being the best way!

  1. Rose Petal Body Polish:
  2. You’ll need around 5 tbsp. of crushed rose petals, 2 Tsp. sea salt, 3 tbsp. of oats, half a cup of buttermilk, 2 tbsp. of olive oil and 4-5 drops of a rose essential oil
  3. Blend all the ingredients into a smooth paste in a blender
  • Apply all over your body 20 minutes before going for a shower
  1. Rinse it off thoroughly
  2. Not only will your skin feel smooth and soft, roses are known for increasing blood circulation and relieving your skin from dust and grime as well


  1. Using Rose Petals For Face:
  2. All you need are around 10-15 rose petals and a cup of water
  3. Boil the petals in the water for half an hour or until the petals lose their color
  • Let the water cool down and strain the mixture
  1. Remove the petals and store this sweet smelling rose water in a spray jar
  2. Use it as a part of your regular face clean up routine for healthier skin every single day!

Explore more skin care tips and lifestyle hacks at Reward Me.






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