15 Dazzling Makeup Tips For Diwali

15 Dazzling Makeup Tips For Diwali

Despite all the cleaning and shopping and prepping, you can look drop dead gorgeous this Diwali, effortlessly. Just follow these tips.



Diwali is an exciting festival. Even someone like me, who tends to dress conservatively the rest of the year, gets out her traditional clothes and the gorgeous jewellery. I even rummage through my barely-used makeup box and decide to look pretty.

Makeup is very important. The ideal makeup is what will set-off the look beautifully. In my years of trial and error I have arrived at some essential Diwali makeup tips that I want to share with you.

#1 Tone it down

My dress is usually heavy with a lot of embroidery and zari, so my makeup is simple. If your dress is light and airy, like chiffon in soft colours, you can go all out with your makeup.

#2 And then tone it up

Start with a clean washed face. My skin loves Olay. It cleanses without that icky, stretched out feeling. And then apply a good quality toner to keep the makeup on for long.

#3 Blend it like…

Not Beckham, of course. Wonder if he uses foundation for his photo shoots. Hmmm.

You need to choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. Also, avoid foundations with SPF. A lot of the pictures will be taken at night and the flash will make you look ‘ghostly’.

#4 What are you concealing?

We are all perfect in our own special way. But if you have a dark spot or two you can dab a skin-colored concealer to cover it. Use your fingers and not a brush to do the job properly.

#4 Keeping your eye makeup light

Use an eyeliner to draw a line on your upper eyelid. A dash of mascara and maybe kohl of the same colour as your dress.

But if you want to dazzle with your eyes…

#5 Pick bold colours

Choose contrasting colours like electric blue, green, purple, black or grey. These colours will make your eyes pop and grab people’s attention. You can even check out these makeup for Diwali looks that will help you in choosing the look in accordance to a day or night party.


#6 Eyeshadow:

Some eye shadow shades looks nice in the case, but often don’t deliver the same result. Use a damp finger to pick up more colour and then pack it onto your upper eyelid.

#7 Highlights, anyone?

Increase the glitter quotient by choosing shimmering colours. If it’s your first time, try pearly colours. If you want to go all the way, golden or silver looks stunning too!

#8 Curl those lashes

Curl your eyelashes or even attach false ones to make your eyes look big and beautiful.

#9 Don’t forget the eyebrow

Don’t thread your eyebrow too thinly before Diwali. Heavier eyebrow can really make a big difference.

#10 How kissable is your pout?

If you’ve gone with light makeup, a dark lipstick shade contrasts beautifully. And for bold makeup, nudes look gorgeous.

#11 Making the lipstick last

Diwali means gorging on sweets. How do you make your lipstick last? Set it with powder. Apply it directly on the lipstick or cover your lips with tissue paper and lightly dab some powder.

#12 Bronzing

Foundation tends to sometime flatten the face. You can use an uplifting bronzer to get a glow.

#13 Dazzle them with your jewellery

No Diwali makeup is complete without jewellery. Contrast your jewellery to your makeup to look ravishing.

#14 Hair and there

Short haired girls can skip this step. For longer hair, you can leave it open or create a stylish Diwali hairdo.

#15 Setting your makeup:

The last step before you head out is to spray some spring water or gulab jal to keep your makeup in place.

And you are ready for Diwali. Happy holidays!

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