Say Hello To The Halo Braid And Twist

Have you tried the halo braid hairstyle yet? A throwback to retro and all things chic, I’ve got the steps down right and I want to share them with you.



Never thought of trying a halo braid because you thought you wouldn’t be able to manage it at home? You would be mistaken to think it takes a lot of time and effort. A little practice, yes. But once you’ve wrapped your mind around the idea, you are ready to rock the braided halo.

Here is a step-by-step break up of how to make halo braid:

Step one

-Start by making a side parting.

-The smaller side should be thick enough to be plaited.

-Pull the thicker section away from your face and clip it out of the way.


Step two

-Take the smaller section and separate it into three segments.

-Start braiding the hair, twisting alternate strands over the middle section. (Of course you know how to braid, sorry.)

-Make sure the braid is tight so it doesn’t come undone later. You can always pull out strands once the whole look is ready.


Step three

-Continue braiding towards the back of your head.

-Keep including more sections of hair as you proceed, once from the bottom, once from the top.

-Braiding hair from the back of your head might take practice, but you’ll get there.


Step four

-Once you reach the end, secure the braid with a transparent band.

-Now do the same with the other section, making sure you secure this end too.

-At this point, there should be no loose hair hanging about your head.


Step five

-To get the halo hair look, take the braid from the right and loop it to the left.

-Pin it securely.

-Do the same on the other side.

-Use lots of bobby pins to keep the two braids in place.

-You can now pull out some strands for a more casual, fun look.

Another way of doing this is to make a center parting. You will have two braids on either side of your head, which you can cross over for the halo effect.


Want to try the halo twist instead?

If you are in a rush and don’t have the time to braid your hair, you can coil it, in a halo twist.


-Start with freshly-washed and dry hair. I prefer using the Pantene Pro-V to make my hair extra easy to work with.

-Sweep all your hair to one side.

-Holding the hair firmly, begin twisting it.

-Travel backwards with the twisted hair.

-Stuff the tips of your hair under the halo and secure with a pin.


It sounds easy because it is easy. Practice it a few times and soon you’ll have people stopping for a quick hello! If you still can’t master this hairstyle and you are running late for an event, you can always have the puff hairstyle as your backup plan! It is simple, yet chic and elegant and super easy to make!

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