• Ragini
  • Review of Aionios Creations

    Untitled design

    A woman is incomplete without adorning jewelry. Be it a large necklace you want to show off or something small yet striking, accessorizing your outfit makes a huge difference in the way you present yourself. We love scouting for new talent and bringing them across to our readers and today, we have a review of […]

  • Ragini
  • Review: The Secret Label

    The Secret Label

    If you are one those who has always desired an outfit by your favorite designer but didn’t want to “popup” on some shop due to it’s ridiculous pricing or because it was way out of your budget? If you want to own pieces which will make you exceptionally gorgeous without creating a hole in your […]

  • Shopping Directory
  • Online Shopping in India (Jewelry) #12daystoChristmas

    Goodevening Beautiful People, It’s Christmas Time, it’s shopping time. So those of you who still haven’t got time to shop for their loved ones, annoying girlfriends and pestering aunties, I will (as always) make your job easier. I bring to you (After thorough research ;)), the best fashion jewelry brand  and where these are available […]

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