Online Shopping in India (Jewelry) #12daystoChristmas

Goodevening Beautiful People,

It’s Christmas Time, it’s shopping time. So those of you who still haven’t got time to shop for their loved ones, annoying girlfriends and pestering aunties, I will (as always) make your job easier.

I bring to you (After thorough research ;)), the best fashion jewelry brand  and where these are available (Online in India). These sites help you to chose from  some gorgeous baubles which will make any lady happy. Some are budget friendly and some are not. But then, Christmas comes only once a year . So, go indulge in some love and pampering and make people around you shine like diamonds (Pun intended ;).

1. Isharya

The Hollywood queens are wearing them. You can’t go wrong with this one, no woman will want to exchange it. Chose from sultry, sophisticated or downright bold (Their words).  The earrings are to die for, I have a special affinity for the one displayed below. One day I am going to own you Baby.


2. Amrapali Jewelry:

We all are familiar with our good old bollywood’s love for jewelry and It seems that Amrapali is their go to when it comes to showing off some serious jewelry . The pieces are beautiful and gorgeously so. Also, they have this celeb section where you can check out what your celebrity crush was wearing and buy the same piece.


3. Zariin Jewelry:

When you see your jewelry and words like “ruby red”, “tangy turquoise” , “enchanting emerald” run into your mind, this store will definitely catch you eye. The stones are encrusted in beautiful bracelets, earrings neck pieces.

(Dear Future Boyfriend/Husband, Are you listening?)


4. Outhouse

Okay! The makers are insane. They make the whackiest of jewelry and it’s a sold out. The jewelry they create is a personal favorite. I can’t help it, they seem to understand what the youth wants. It’s crazy and we love it.

You can buy it here :


[ To (whomsoever you are expecting gifts from),

I love you and I hope you are reading this. Apart from your love, this is what I want for Christmas.


Every daughter/wife/ex gf/gf/mother/female]

Go and Shop Now.


Ragini Varma

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