Gooodevening People,
You know what’s great? What can make your mood go from sulky to superb in a matter of 5 seconds? What can turn a dull day into a sparkling one,It’s indulging in some retail therapy. :D and what better way then to just sit, select and shop your  blues away. So as your personal guide for amazing shopping websites, I bring to you, “My closet N more” an online shopping website where You find amazing deals on clothes , accessories and much more.
We interviewed the brain behind the store and the gorgeous Rati Soneja was kind enough to give us an interview.
The excerpts from the interview.
Idea Behind Your Brand: In this fast and busy lifestyle when people do a lot of online shopping, I was also attracted with the trend. Soon I realized it is much easy and time saving to shop online instead of roaming in malls and markets. But the one thing which I used to hate was what I liked was always too expensive and if it was not then the quality was not good. This inspired me to open a platform for shopaholics like me to buy affordable and accessible fashion delivered at their doorstep.
 What is the Unique Identity of your company: Most of the products on our site are just 1-2 pieces because I believe in being unique, being fashionable. However, sometimes, on demand, I do repeat the same item, maybe in different colors. Slowly and gradually, you will see clothes, jewelry, accessories, handbags, gift items, shoes etc. Also, we feature “Shopaholic of the month” to show your shopping spirit to others. (We have currently closed it but will be starting it in a few weeks again.)
Give us some quirky advice for our readers.: Be fashionable, be unique, be comfortable
 How do you feel being a woman entrepreneur: If feels really awesome to have started on it all by myself especially when I am also doing a full-time job alongwith this. My family and friends support me a lot in this. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming but then I think of the pleasure it gives me when my customers say that they love the products and the quality is amazing and that they did not have to spend so much time and money on getting what they liked. It feels that I achieved what I dreamt of. And this is just the beginning. With the grace of God and blessing of my loved ones, I hope to fly high. But I will never forget the reason I started it and will thrive to give best quality and least price.
Future plans: No one knows what future brings but everyone hopes for a bright one. I am just like everyone else. But one thing that I know for sure is that I will continue to provide the coolest, the hottest and the trendiest fashion which would not be a burden on your pockets. I have always welcomes feedback so that I can give more and more. Coz only if my customers are happy, can I be happy.
Rati was kind enough to give the readers of CHAI AND CHEESE , a flat 15% discount across the site and even on discounted products and clearance sale (Man! Are we lucky or what! ).
Coupon Code: MCNMCC13  (Minimum order is Rs.1499)
Here are some products we love from My Closet N More
This and much more and don’t forget to use the discount coupon.
Here’s the link to their website:
                      and Facebook Page:  MyClosetNMore
Happy shopping!
Ragini Varma
PS : You are welcome
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Hello People,

Potpurri,(pronounces at popure) is known as a mixture of things. The online store I am going to review today is known as Poppuri. Started by two friends Shimmi and Insiya, this store is not for the faint hearted and the colorless people . This is a creativity factory with madness involved, each piece of this store is so unique, playful and contemporary that you want to buy everything from here. Colorful handbags, quirky ipad covers, coasters, They have it all.

Poppuri is brand with a spark attached it to. The owners wanted to make their world a creative bazaar and hence the store was born. The Unique Identity of this company is its fresh and quirky appeal. Their products can make any day more brighter and colorful. When asked for some quirky advice, here’s what they had to say ” Always try and sport something unique and fresh. Dont be an addition to the crowd and never refrain from making a statement”.





You can shop their products from their facebook page or through


Ragini Varma

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Good Evening peeps,

Today I have beautiful store with a quirky name, Urban Turban. The collection is contemporary combined with today’s modernism which the society demands. These pieces will dress up any outfit and you will be the center of attraction everywhere you go.Very reasonably priced, the jewelry from Urban Turban holds a contemporary appeal and you can’t stop admiring them. The bright funky pieces add color to a mundane outfit while everyone stares at the glamorous you!

Check out their facebook page here :


Hope you guys like it!


Ragini Varma

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Goooodevening Peopleeeeeeeeeeeeee,

I am off to Delhi Tomorrow and couldn’t be more excited. I love the city and who can forget the awesome shopping (flea markets FTW) and of course the scrumptious, delicious Foooood. (I really need to see a doctor regarding my food habits :( , but on second thoughts.. Naaah , One life , Eat, drink, make merry ;) ].

So keeping in tradition with bringing the most awesome shopping websites for you, I bring to you a site which houses some gorgeous collection of clothes , shoes and accessories. Stylholic is synonym with fashion and all things you would want to see in your wardrobe as soon as you see them on the website. Also, winter has almost arrived and it’s time to go shopping.

In Tete-A-Tete with Kaishki the founder of “Stylholic”,


CNC: Tel us the journey behind Stylholic. What led you to open a clothing store?

Kaishki : Stylholic is an India-based and owned online retailer which specializes in fashion clothing, shoes, and accessories for young women.The Indian young gal, has emerged as a super confident being. She knows how to dress for her shape and isn’t afraid of wearing her attitude and short skirts and being sexy. She wants to have awesome experiences and be the best-dressed girl around — without spending an arm and a leg!  In fact I am my own customer. Therefore I understood, the choices in our country were limited, and I, like the rest of my peeps did not want settle for anything less. Therefore, I dished out just what all the other young gals like me wanted!

Today, our buyers search high and low for pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Our store is stockedweekly with both handpicked vintage and a highly selective range of up-and-coming trends, giving you not just what the fashion goddesses  ordered, but truly unique items that can’t be found elsewhere.

CNC: Thank god for that. So you started this on own own :O ?

Kaishki : Stylholic had humble beginnings. I launched it as a facebook shop from my room on my old laptop, with my savings and nothing more. I had always been a fashion fanatic of sorts and loved all its related nuances – clothing, accessorizing and pretty French words. I turned my love, a degree, and a fantastic eye for fashion, into Stylholic.

CNC:  Naughty or Nice.

Kaishki: Definitely Naughty – Hands down! It’s for the fashion-forward, free-thinking girls, with a strict no BS policy. We’d like to think of our customer as the coolest girl in the room.

CNC: Thoughts about being a woman entrepreneur? The world is tough out there.

Kaishki: I’m not the kinds to go by a rule book; therefore I have no wisdom to share. I live to Inspire & Be Inspired by cool girl’s world over. Always do what you love and love what you do. My recipe for success is:  Mix heaps of passion with truck loads of dedication, and add happiness to garnish.

CNC: Give us some quirky advice for our readers.

Kaishki: Be Loud. Be Fun. Be Awesome… Life is simply too short for ugly clothes. Always be dressed your best!

CNC  Best and Worst Dressed Woman in Bollywood (No diplomatic answers pls;):

Kaishki: Best: Deepika Padukone is the most stylish and is effortlessly chic. I am an ardent fan! Also, Malaika Arora Khan always manages to make heads turn while keeping it classy.

Worst: Okay, a very tough one, because I don’t know from whom to start.  From Rani  Mukherjee, to Gul  Panag, Parineeti Chopra, Nargis Fakri, Amisha Patel… umm, I need to stop now. Phew!

(We coudn’t agree More!!!!)

CNC:  Eye candy according to you (Bollywood or Hollywood):

Kaishki: I do not follow too many actresses for fashion inspiration. My dose of fashion awareness comes from the likes of Oliver Palermo, and many IT Fashion Bloggers; Amie Song from Song of Style, Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Girl being my favorites.

Some photos from the collection of Stylholic


Love the heart Print sweater. Wear is my card again!

Go shop. Enjoy.

Visit their site here:


Ragini Varma

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