Ethnic wear from Bunaai by Pari Choudhary

Ethnic Wear from Bunaai

Dhoti Set in Yellow Bunaai

I am a crazy hoarder of ethnic wear and usually we find two main types in India: One is bling(which I personally dislike) & the other is  designer couture(which I love but cannot afford, But WAIT FOR IT), I found a third version which is contemporary, chic and so comfortable Ethnic wear that it’s difficult not to fall in love with the same!

I am online atleast 16 hours of my life and half the time(which, I must admit I am not proud of), goes into browsing other blogger’s profile, saving pins on Pinterest(Yeah, I am loser like that) or finding gems like the one I am going to talk about(WAIT FOR IT).


Bunaai By Pari Choudhary is a kickass website which has it’s roots in Jaipur. They have redefined ethnic wear! From dhoti pants to jumpsuits to culotte sets, they seem to have have cracked the code for beautiful ethnic wear! Handloom has a special corner in my heart and Bunaai seems to have managed to take a corner in it. They have new collections almost every week(I suppose) so you can try and buy whatever you like! I have personally ordered a few times and Never had a complain about it. They have Cash on delivery as well as wallet and bank pay options so it make s a win win for everyone.


This blog is very special to my heart because after a lot( and I mean A LOT) of procrastination, I have started to work more towards my blog. I did this beautiful shoot in a Zoo!(Believe it or not) and would this huge ruins which made the work all the more exciting! Here’s to a kickass 2018! Also please remember, believe in your self! PLEASE DO! You can do anything and everything if you put your heart and soul into it!


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How to Wear Dhoti Pants

Goood Evening Peeps,

I hope you all are having a kickass day. I have been traveling through the month of July and therefore wasn’t able to post on my blog. Also, I have been shopping and how, from  exhibitions in Kolkata to the high streets of Delhi and lanes of Jaipur, it has been an insane month of shopping , eating and putting on weight (sigh!).

Also, I discovered that Palazzo pants can be worn by hip heavy woman (mE! duh) with the right cut and the right fit, now finding that perfect fit can be an issue. Also, BK MARKET in Kolkata is a must visit for any girl looking to shop in a budget, I found ripped denims for 600 bucks only. While talking about Kolkata, I really do need to mention that the ladies of Kolkata know their how to dress up in style. Impeccable,  I was in awe seeing them carry any outfit with so much confidence and effortless style . *Take A Bow* .

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