Ethnic wear from Bunaai by Pari Choudhary

Ethnic Wear from Bunaai

Dhoti Set in Yellow Bunaai

I am a crazy hoarder of ethnic wear and usually we find two main types in India: One is bling(which I personally dislike) & the other is  designer couture(which I love but cannot afford, But WAIT FOR IT), I found a third version which is contemporary, chic and so comfortable Ethnic wear that it’s difficult not to fall in love with the same!

I am online atleast 16 hours of my life and half the time(which, I must admit I am not proud of), goes into browsing other blogger’s profile, saving pins on Pinterest(Yeah, I am loser like that) or finding gems like the one I am going to talk about(WAIT FOR IT).


Bunaai By Pari Choudhary is a kickass website which has it’s roots in Jaipur. They have redefined ethnic wear! From dhoti pants to jumpsuits to culotte sets, they seem to have have cracked the code for beautiful ethnic wear! Handloom has a special corner in my heart and Bunaai seems to have managed to take a corner in it. They have new collections almost every week(I suppose) so you can try and buy whatever you like! I have personally ordered a few times and Never had a complain about it. They have Cash on delivery as well as wallet and bank pay options so it make s a win win for everyone.


This blog is very special to my heart because after a lot( and I mean A LOT) of procrastination, I have started to work more towards my blog. I did this beautiful shoot in a Zoo!(Believe it or not) and would this huge ruins which made the work all the more exciting! Here’s to a kickass 2018! Also please remember, believe in your self! PLEASE DO! You can do anything and everything if you put your heart and soul into it!


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Vero Moda with Style Tabloid

Outfit of The Day-Ikat Print Mojris and printed dress


Vero Moda Printed Dress

Ikat Print Mojris - Mouve

Vero Moda Dress India - Indian Fashion Blog by Ragini Varma

Mouve Official


Vero Moda has always been a chic clothing store with clothing made for the youth. From trendy tops to sexy ripped denims and girly dresses, it has something for every girl out there. For today’s outfit of the day, I have this printed dress by Vero Moda in shades of blue and white. This maxi gives a beautiful boho vibe.

I am completely obsessed with everything Indian and ethnic, be it mojris, kurtis or anything with an Indian Touch to it. Therefore, I fell in love with these gorgeous mojris and bags from Mouve Official. These ikat print mojris with a beautiful ikat print sling bag . Check out their collection here!

Hope you guys liked this outfit. Tag me if you plan on you buying this dress and show me how you wore it!


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OOTD Grey Maxi with Orange Shrug


How to wear a grey maxi dress

Grey Maxi Dress


Orange Jacket from Miss Trendy Apparels

Grey and Orange Combination

Grey Maxi dress with orange jacket

I love the color grey and how it represents different hues together. For me, there is nothing purely black or white, it all balances with the shades of grey. With the monsoon hitting the beautiful city of Mumbai in full force, I decided to wear something which is akin to the weather. The grey maxi dress represents the monsoon, the dullness of it all while the pop of orange jacket represents the color when can see even in sadness.

This beautiful maxi dress was scored from an awesome instagram store called the Dress House. I paired the maxi with an orange jacket from Miss Trendy Apparels by Himangi. You can check out their stores for some amazing steals(learn dresses, off shoulder tops, etc).

Do let me know what you think of this dress and what kind of outfit post should I do in the future.

Till then,

Stay Stylish!



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Aionios Creations, redefining jewelry by Aditi Gawali

Style Tabloid is always looking for inspirational people, the one who strives against all odds to become successful. And by successful, I don’t mean in Monetary Terms, but satisfaction of mind and heart while creating something they love. So today, we are in conversation with Aditi Gawali, the founder of Aionios Creations. Aionios  Creation is a juxtaposition of heritage and modern elements, jewelry specially designed for women who love to experiment and stand out in their own identity.

Aionios Creations

Aionios Creations1

Accessorizing right always attributes towards our style. We can change an entire outfit from duh to glam by accessorizing in the correct manner. Aionios aims to modernize traditional jewelry through their rich collection. Style Tabloid loves the nose rings, the gorgeous Meenakari Pendant Set and so much more. We are spoilt for choice here.

Aionios Creations Founder


In conversation with the one with an indomitable spirit, Aditi Gawali,

StyleTabloid: Inspiration behind your Brand:

Aditi: Inspiration behind my brand is my spirit to keep doing what I like! You might get surprised to hear this as this sounds very vague and generic, but it is true! People usually make a hobby out of their passion whereas, my hobby is my passion and my passion is creativity. I like the way things shape out of jewelry. It showcases mood, expressions, emotions and lot more feelings, a human being can have which cannot even be drawn out of words. And as a people-person, I love the way I am helping people to express.
Style Tabloid : One advice you want to give to all the women out there:
Aditi: As a creative as well as business person, I truly do not believe in gender specific trend to lead a business or an industry. So, I would like to see more and more entrepreneurs, men and women, in this creative industry. But, to answer your question, I would like to tell women entrepreneurs that it is not just about creativity and fashion sense! I know, women have the best fashion sense which can be brought to a great benefit to the industry, but my advice for women entrepreneurs would be to evolve and implement your management skills along-with your creativity to shape the unforeseen fortunate future of this industry.
Style Tabloid: Fashion Advice for our Readers:
Aditi: Dress as if you are the king of your fashion! Use fashion to express yourself! My fashion advice for my audiences would be to “Be Yourself!” There is a word in our world ‘Fashion Trend’, which is omnipresent. Nobody sees it but believes in it. Generally, these trends are started and driven by the tycoons in showbiz to benefit their franchise, so they change day by day. The most beautiful look a person can have is a showcase of eternal beauty and which can only be worn by expressing your true feelings. So, I would like to tell everyone to believe in yourself and dress as if your costumes and jewelry or accessories can truly define your real character.
Style Tabloid: An Artist I admire the most:
Aditi: That’s a tricky one!  If our world is a creation then there must be a creator. But, as I have not seen him yet, I believe this nature created our world and us. I have never seen or heard about anything great but, our World! Anyone beautiful but, Human Being! So, to answer, the artist I admire the  most is this universe.
Style Tabloid: Three items I can’t live without:
Aionios Creations5 (1)
Aditi: Out of jewelry, first would definitely be the Mangalsutra. As all women do, I too has always dreamed about the prince of my dreams. I got to get along with him but, I believe that the ‘Mangalsutra’ is the only thing which symbolizes our relationship, strengthens our love web and empowers our lives to lead with each other.
Aionios Creations2
Aionios Creations3
Second would be Nath  (nose ring) which I love because it showcases beautiful and authentic Maharashtrian culture. and third thing is Necklaceas I am just crazy about them!

There is nothing sexier than a woman who is stands out through her work and believes that real beauty lies in simplicity of the mind and soul. Do check out her gorgeous collection only at Aionios Creations and get ready to (be)dazzle.

Happy Shopping!

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#OOTD: Lokal South

The Lokal South Effect




StyleTabloid collaborated with Lokal South, Myntra

StyleTabloid collaborated with Lokal South, Myntra


StyleTabloid collaborated with Lokal South, Myntra


StyleTabloid collaborated with Lokal South, Myntra


Style Tabloid for Lokal South, Indian Fashion Blogger.

While shooting for this particular piece, my awesome photographer (Chandni Gajria) questioned me how would I describe my style. Now that one is tricky, on sometimes I feel like a total sophisticated chic who wouldn’t be caught dead in anything less than a 3 inch heels (I was going to type 5, but then who am I kidding), done up hair and makeup on fleek while on other days(read : most of the days), I would love a loose comfy shirt with pyjamas, loose pants or a skirt with a messy bun. So, fashion for me would be my state of mind on that particular day.

Quirky prints always seem to catch my eye. While browsing through endless e-commerce websites and searching for something that screams “Me”, I caught hold of this turban print shirt from a store called Lokal South, there were some pretty awesome prints in the collection, ranging from maxi’s to midi’s , dresses, shirt dresses and much more.

Lokal South is the brainchild of Darshana Sukumar and I for one, am am big fan of her designs. I love the prints and how it doesn’t over power the one who wears it but instead lets the clothes be a piece of art. I have styled this shirt with a skirt from another beautiful Instagram store find called Dress House. Dress House is an instagram store which has some beautiful chic collection of clothes at budget friendly prices. Follow me on Instagram  to know more of such awesome designers.

Outfit details: Shirt: Lokal South (Shop at Myntra), Skirt (Dresshouse), Sandals: Bliss Store.

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