How to take care of skin at home this Festive season with VLCC Facial kit

How to take care of skin at home this Festive season with VLCC Facial kit

Best Facial Kit For Your skin

VLCC Haldi Tulsi Facial Kit Review

Diwali is just around the corner and so is the need to look fabulous for the upcoming Diwali Parties. Making your skin look healthy and naturally beautiful takes a lot of efforts and while a trip to the parlor will make your budget go haywire, I have a perfect solution to get an amazing glow with The VLCC’S Haldi and Tulsi Facial Kit.

This ayurvedic kit which provides an #instantglow is a showstopper product. In simple 5 steps, you get beautiful and youthful skin and that too in budget. The natural healer haldi(turmeric) and the herb Tulsi are the main ingredients which constitute the product.

It comes in a box with 5 tubes with each step clearly mentioned. I love how the tubes are pocket-friendly and therefore helpful if you are traveling somewhere. Here is a detailed review of the product:

Clean your face with the turmeric + tulsi face wash. You need a coin size amount to wash off all the dirt and grime from your face. The facewash made my skin squeaky clean but it was also a burning a little bit, considering it had turmeric as one of the ingredients. It was then time to Scrub away the dead cells plaguing my skin! After washing my face, I applied the scrub on my wet face. I really liked this scrub because it was not very harsh against my skin. After rubbing gently for some time, I washed my face. The small granules rubbed away dead skin and I was already loving the result and couldn’t wait for what’s next!


After washing my face and scrubbing the dirt, we had to apply a face gel! The best part about the face gel was it acted like a serum and definitely helped calm down my skin in cases of any bumps and rashes. This was definitely my favorite step as the gel really made my skin glow! We all know how important it is to massage your skin so that the facial tissues radiate the glow of the above steps. I took a good amount of the cream and massaged it on my neck and face for 5 mins. After it was completely absorbed into my skin, I took a cotton and wiped off the extra cream on my neck. By this time, I am really excited as my face is already glowing! And it’s baby soft! The last step of the series is this mask which, to be honest, irritates for like 10 seconds! I thought I would wipe off the mask, but after 15 seconds it took a cooling turn! I kept the mask for a good 20 minutes after which I washed it off!

Honestly, this was one of the quickest facial I had and the result was extraordinary. If you are suffering from combination skin like I am, make sure you give this a go for the perfect #InstaGlow from #VLCCAyurvedaFacialKit





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